Desiree Peterkin Bell

Public Relations Expert

About Me

Desiree took the brunt of the repercussions. She was escorted out of the school. They were, however, able to find her a new school through the A Better Chance Program. Desiree relocated to Wallingford, Pennsylvania, where she spent four years in the ABC's Girls House. That period of her life was formative, awakening her to a slew of societal concerns, including, but not limited to, privilege and racism.

Desiree studied Political Science and Education at Swarthmore College, where she excelled in athletics. She got the Dean's Award for extraordinary community involvement and academic accomplishment upon graduation. Desiree transitioned from public administration to public affairs, starting her own full-service firm. DPBell & Associates, with offices located throughout the world, serves both foreign and domestic clients. Their strategies are battle-tested and purpose-driven with Desiree at the lead.